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Welcome to I-[W]raps Fast Food Evolution


Our identity is what makes us unique. It is "the distinguishing character or personality of an individual," and  “corporation”, and when one is committed and passionate to provide its customers with fresh, wholesome  produce, products, ingredients and quality food, it is because I-(W)Raps truly CARES for the community members visiting us. It therefore is a deep sense of responsibility and duty for the founder of I-[W]raps Chimichanga to share his passion, love and delicious crispy fried and backed wraps, dips and superlicious Bubble Tea drinks with those he has come to appreciate more than anything else, his community and all society’s cross border.


What is I-(W)Raps Chimichanga?



I-(W)RAPS sells crispy crunchy savory filled homemade tortilla wraps a.k.a. chimichangas and a variety of fried platanos, such as Maduros, Tostitos, and a choice of dip/sauce. Our tortillas are all made fresh and served crispy pan fried in extra virgin olive oil or alternatively backed. Our outlet provides excellent and friendly customer service to support the ambiance of fun, energetic and youthful lifestyle. 

Food as Community



Food has a special ability to bring people together. The owner often finds this in his own life and he hopes you will find that at I-[W]raps Fast Food Evolution. For me, cooking and eating together builds the best communities, let's get cooking & eating together! As Julia Child once said;



The Founders Commitment.



Vasileios Giamagas is a true entrepreneur by heart

With an extensive background 

of 29 years in the culinary industry on 2 continents.

Over the next 2 decades he opened 

and operated six successful restaurant-bars

in Germany and New York, Manhattan. 

He holds a bachelors degree in culinary arts

from the Albrecht Durrer School, 

and Hotel Nikko Dusseldorf, Germany, 

and a Masters in Culinary Arts

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